• What We offer

    What We offer

What We Offer

Triton Building Co offer versatile building packages designed to meet the different needs of a broad client base. Whether a unit development, a compact home or a palatial mansion the team at Triton will tailor a package to suit your needs. This may be home only or include floor/window treatments and landscaping.

Ask our team about a turnkey package that suits you.

At Triton we also offer a design service where innovative ideas and practical designs are created to provide you an individual home.If you have a site in mind we will inspect and advise on its suitability for building. Clay sites or the need to retain may have a detrimental effect on the budget. We will discuss options enabling you to make an informed choice.Project management and commercial construction needs are also catered for, whether a high class fit out or specialist construction. Triton will ensure your project maintains its budget, schedule and runs smoothly.