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  • The Key Factors Of Custom Designed Home Plan

    The Key Factors Of Custom Designed Home Plan

    17 Aug 2017

    Improper planning have major impact on your final home.  This can be poor use of orientation and the benefit of having outside entertaining area facing north, poor rear access, inadequate storage and the added cost associated with changes made during construction. Following these helpful tips can help you achieve your goals in terms of customised construction planning.   Start simple   It is not necessary to invest in building software tools before y ... Read More

  • Compaction And Your New Home

    Compaction And Your New Home

    08 Aug 2017

    We are all aware that prior to placement of your concrete footings and slab, the soil should be compacted sufficiently to create a stabilised foundation.   At Triton Building Company, we always endeavour to obtain the best compaction possible. This is reflected in the readings on our compaction certificates.   When the concreters dig the footings it is common practice to throw the excavated soil onto the slab area.  The plumbers and possibly electricians will di ... Read More