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Compaction And Your New Home

08 Aug 2017

We are all aware that prior to placement of your concrete footings and slab, the soil should be compacted sufficiently to create a stabilised foundation.
At Triton Building Company, we always endeavour to obtain the best compaction possible. This is reflected in the readings on our compaction certificates.
When the concreters dig the footings it is common practice to throw the excavated soil onto the slab area.  The plumbers and possibly electricians will dig up some of this area to place conduits or waste pipes for sinks, showers etc.
The disturbed soil is then spread evenly and the formwork placed to ensure the full 100mm reinforced concrete is achieved.
At Triton Building Company, we also run over the slab area at this stage with a plate compactor. This is to compact the top layer of fluffy material and over the newly laid pipes. We believe that having a thin layer of uncompacted soil under your concrete can allow the concrete to settle towards the centre of the slab which could cause cracking in both the slab and the walls, especially above the doors.
Our builder, Stuart Watson, always ensures that we run over the slab with a plate compactor which flattens down this thin layer of soil and ensures that the concrete slab is fully supported on a firm foundation.
Another way Triton Building Company protects your investment with best practice methodology.
Compaction And Your New Home


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