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Roof Tie Down Straps

10 Oct 2017

At Triton Building Company, our bricklayer always hammers the roof tie down straps flat where they affix to the wall. This ensures that there is a direct connection between the roof and where it is tied to the brickwork.
If the strap is not hammered flat there can be an opportunity for the tie down strap to have some “spring” in them. This may be an issue with custom Orb roofs during extreme storms where roof uplift may be encountered.
At Triton Building Company, we also install galvanised threaded rods to the cavity at the building corners and in long walls. These are chemmy anchored to the footing and secured to the roof frame with galvanised brackets. The additional tie downs help protect your investment should Geraldton be hit with cyclonic type storms.
Here you can see the base of the threaded rod coated with Black Jack to protect it from moisture.
Roof Tie Down Straps


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