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Toilet Suite with Integrated Hand Basin

29 Jan 2018

What a great idea. If you always wanted a basin in with your toilet. But there just isn’t enough room. How about this!
The Coroma Profile 5 Vitreous China Dual Flush Toilet Suite with Integrated Hand Basin.
The lid of the cistern doubles as a basin. So when you flush, the water that refills the cistern runs via a spout over the basin/lid.  You and the kids can wash your hands while the cistern fills utilising the clean water prior to flushing.
A great way to be water wise and as an added bonus what a talking point.  When your visitors first use the toilet they will panic.  “Where do I turn the tap off” only to realise the float valve within the cistern automatically shuts off the water flow when the cistern is full.
Innovative and a great use of space. 
Toilet Suite with Integrated Hand Basin


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