Our Company

About Triton Building

We are a Geraldton based building company that is committed to providing you the best value, quality and functional home possible.

At Triton Building we offer both home only and turnkey services with house and land packages tailored to meet your budget. Our design team have off the shelf plans that offer great value. You may choose to customise our plans or have a dream design that just needs to be put on paper. Our team will turn your ideas into a reality, advising on orientation, design, suitability for your chosen site and budget.

At Triton Building we advise and encourage environmentally green building techniques and systems. Passive designs that incorporate shading, ventilation, orientation and material choice to control the homes temperature at no or low running cost. We also advise and encourage our customers to use products that reduce their resource use and carbon footprint.

Our team have developed our project programming software to track and ensure that each project maintains optimum momentum. This means you move into your new home as planned, without unnecessary delays.

At Triton Building we believe true value is not just dollars over square metres. We look at each design and address the homes functionality, the durability of materials, fixtures and fittings. We want you to be happy in your home now, and for years to come.

What We Offer

Triton Building offer versatile building packages designed to meet the different needs of a broad client base. Whether a unit development, a compact home or a palatial mansion the team at Triton Building will tailor a package to suit your needs. This may be home only or include floor/window treatments and landscaping.

Ask our team about a turnkey package that suits you.

At Triton Building we also offer a design service where innovative ideas and practical designs are created to provide you an individual home.  If you have a site in mind we will inspect and advise on its suitability for building. Clay sites or the need to retain may have a detrimental effect on the budget. We will discuss options enabling you to make an informed choice. Project management and commercial construction needs are also catered for, whether a high class fit out or specialist construction. Triton Building will ensure your project maintains its budget, schedule and runs smoothly.

Why Choose Us

Triton Building is dedicated to providing outstanding quality homes that represent true value…

Through programming, extensive checklists and procedures our team ensures each stage of your home achieves best practice and quality requirements.

Our Registered Builder supervises each project, and with over 40 years building experience ensures best practice and methodology is maintained throughout your home.

We remain committed to keeping you informed as your new home becomes a reality. Talk to our Builder and discuss some of the procedures we insist on that ensure you the best quality home we can provide.

Our Standard Specifications have been formulated to provide quality fixtures and fittings that offer value for money through ensuring durability, fit for purpose, price and style.

Our Team

Triton Building is a family run building company, based in Geraldton, offering services in both housing and commercial projects.

The Triton Building design team starts with Stu and Karen who will discuss your ideas and after inspecting the site produce preliminary plans and budgets. When you are happy to proceed we then pass on the designs to our drafting team who will produce working drawings and address any Development Application issues for you.

Triton Building is managed by Stu Watson who is the registered builder and director of the company. Stu has over 40 years building experience and is passionate regarding value and quality.

Stu will ensure that your home or project remains on time and on budget with attention to detail at every stage.

Stu is approachable and will remain in contact with clients throughout their project. Happy to discuss progress and advise when required.

Karen is our office manager. As a key member of the team Karen manages our contracts, selections, finance, and advertising. And is a driving force in the company ensuring procedures are maintained and systems remain in place.

Triton Building has worked to form solid working relationships with its contractors and suppliers. We consider the contractors we use on our sites to be of the highest standard and appreciate that they have embraced the Triton Building culture.

We also appreciate how our contractors show pride in the homes we jointly produce.

At Triton Building we believe in long standing relationships with the people we deal with, this way all parties know what is expected of them and they become part of our team.