Each design has been assessed to ensure a comfortable functional lifestyle will be enjoyed when you move into your new Triton Building Co home.  The functionality of the kitchen and laundry, how many power points are needed, is the garage big enough for you to open the doors without banging the wall?  The bathroom layout and how the living zones are positioned all affect the quality of life for the family enjoying the home.

You may choose to customise one of our plans or have a dream design that just needs to be put on paper. Our team will turn your ideas into a reality, advising on orientation, design, suitability for your site and budget.

We incorporate passive methods of controlling environmental impacts on your home; this may be through ventilation, shading, material selection or insulation.

Homes were constructed using green principles long before air conditioners were readily available, so why not build your home so that you are not totally reliant on artificial cooling and heating, while saving money on the associated power costs.

As each site and client all have individual needs we can build in numerous different materials including double brick, brick veneer, steel or timber frame and elevated floor, to mention a few options available when dealing with Triton Building Co.

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