Strata Ten Year Maintenance Reports

At Triton Building we also offer Strata ten year maintenance reports/plans. Strata ten year maintenance reports/plans are now a compulsory requirement for strata properties valued at over $5million and/or with ten or more properties.  Triton Building will provide reports that meet the legislative framework with projected costings as well as the five yearly reviews.

Strata Property

Strata ten year maintenance reports/plans are fully costed with allowance for CPI increases projecting a realistic estimate of future works.

Strata ten year maintenance reports/plans provide the tools strata management teams need to keep informed and plan for future major maintenance items and costs.

Prior planning and projected time frames are important when dealing with several different entities such as the stakeholders of a strata company.

Our strata ten year maintenance reports/plans and five year reviews will help you manage and prepare strata company stakeholders of impending costs and remedial works that are required to maintain their investment in the strata property group.

By including five year reviews your strata team can stay informed with onsite developments and manage the impact of outside influences on the property and its effect on the Strata ten year maintenance plan.   Five year reviews are ideal tools by providing you insight for amending and monitoring your planning program.